"Raising the bar on fitness"

Hiwassee Valley Pool & Wellness Center

 Rates Effective 5/15/2015

1 Year Membership

          Family                              $65 per month                            $680.00 PIF

          Member plus 1                   $55 per month                             $560.00 PIF

          Member                            $35 per month                             $360.00 PIF

6 Month Membership

          Family                              $75 per month                            $450 PIF

          Member plus 1                   $60 per month                            $350 PIF

          Member                            $42 per month                            $250 PIF

3 Month Membership

          Family                              $280 PIF

          Member plus 1                   $220 PIF

          Member                            $140 PIF

1 Month Membership

          Family                              $99

          Member plus 1                   $79

          Member                            $59

Mini Membership

          Member                             $25.00 (Paid in Full Only)

** This membership is for the hours of 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM only any day

of the week.  No classes are included with this membership. **

** Also, Veterans only can receive a 15% discount on this membership. **

Daily Rates

          Adult                                $5.00

          Senior/Youth, Student         $3.00 (college students must have valid ID)

Member plus 1 must be paid by 1 member, cannot split.

Family members must have a valid ID with the same address. Children listed on the plan cannot be older than 18.   

Fiver (5)  members only in household, if over 5, $15 per month.

Membership can only be put on hold for medical reasons and must be verified by a doctor.  Memberships holds must be approved by management.

One week pass $25.00 per person (no exceptions).

Please check with the fitness center to see if your place of employment qualities for a corporate discount.